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Anti-Harassment Policy


Discrimination can occur in various contexts, from person to person or from group to person, regardless of hierarchical level. It can still manifest itself through social, ethnic, political, religious, age, gender, sexuality, disability-related discrimination, etc. Discrimination is considered any physical, verbal or written conduct that promotes distinction, exclusion, or preference, resulting in unequal treatment within the work environment.

Harassment (moral or sexual):

Psychological harassment is defined as the exposure of an individual to a humiliating and embarrassing situation during the exercise of their functions, which are repeated and extended during the working day.

Sexual harassment is any approach (verbal or physical) intending to obtain sexual advantages from the victim using the hierarchy of the employment relationship.

In any case, it is noteworthy that harassment, in general, can be characterized as any repetitive conduct that annoys or disturbs in any way. It can be accomplished through physical or verbal behaviors that intimidate or ridicule the individual. These behaviors can be related to ethnic, political, religious, gender, age, physical, sexuality, and other reasons.

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