PBA Stones was established by industry leaders who collectively possess a lifetime of experience in the stone production business. As a Master Block & Slab Exporter, we are experts in the assessment and distribution of stone materials.

Team of Professionals
Our team of expert material graders is professionally trained to inspect and select blocks and slabs according to established company and industry criteria. Our knowledge and skill in properly classifying stone products provides our clients with the assurance that they are receiving exactly the materials they were promised.

Strategic Partnerships
Along with our company-owned quarries, PBA Stones maintains strategic partnerships with reputable suppliers throughout Brazil and specializes in high turnover materials. The company’s investments in the latest machinery and technology mean that its clients will be provided the best quality materials at competitive prices.

Fully Integrated Operations
From quarrying activities to shipping operations, PBA Stones is a fully-integrated company. This integration, combined with an attractive range of classic and exotic materials, enables the company to exercise total control of the quality of its block and slab production. The result is a predictable supply of stones to our clients.

Service & Quality Control
PBA’s logistics expertise allows our company to deliver quality granite blocks and slabs to almost anywhere around the world. Superior customer-service, timely delivery and very strict quality control have made PBA Stones a reliable source for Brazilian stones and have led to its continued success in the American, Asian and European markets.


Be a world reference for stones.


To create real and everlasting value to our partners, achieved through the continuous development of people and processes.


INTEGRITY, we are consistent and correct in the way we do business.

RELIABILITY, our customers can count on our products, services and information.

ATTITUDE, we have the right attitude regarding our core values and their daily practice.

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