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Stonemiles is an innovative program created by PBA Stones to honor and reward customer loyalty with an unique experience. Every purchase generates Stonepoints that can be spent at the Stonemiles exclusive portal by getting selected, free of charge, bundles according to the category you are in.

To become a part of the program you must be an active PBA Stones’ customer

Your category and Stonepoints statement will dictate which bundles you can redeem at the Stonemiles portal, free of charge

You don’t need to be a great musician to become a Rockstar. With Stone Miles, every buy is a show

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“The best company we ever worked with, they are reliable, reasonable and friendly. We never had an issue which was left unresolved. The materials are as per specification and quality is delivered as promised. Great range of materials, from basics to super exotics, there is also a loyalty program, the stone miles which is really handy and believe or not there are good stuff available to be picked. 100% recommended.”

Breno T.

“I feel like it’s a great asset for customers. I’m very data oriented and being able to see the miles accumulate based on purchases is a very cool thing for me. Also, I’m able to try some colors that I was hesitant to try by using my points to get a bundle. I think that most people get excited when they get to earn points that they can redeem for things and this is definitely a very interesting way to get a customer’s attention. I haven’t seen any other company offer anything similar so it definitely helps PBA stand out as far as added value is concerned.”

Rachel P.


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